Our 7mm RTR projects include:
  • Class 43 (HST) Power Cars
  • MK3 coaches for HST
  • MK3 loco-haul coaches
  • MK3 Sleeper
  • MK2 D / E / F
  • MK2 DBSO
We are taking serious notes of interest by asking customers to fill in either of the two forms linked on this page (HST & MK3 or MK2).
We know you will have questions about the spec, price, liveries etc! At this early stage, we can tell you that we are aiming to be similar to other products on the market today. For the spec, we'd love to hear what you'd like, so we'll soon be offering a feedback form. Liveries are all up for discussion, and we'll produce any we can when there are enough orders to do so.

If you wish to express your interest in an HST Rake, Single Power Car or MK3 Coaches please follow this link: 


To register your interest in the MK2 D/E/F and DBSO: