Class 31 97204 BR RTC Grey & Red - Sound Fitted

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Class 31 97204 BR RTC Grey & Red - Sound Fitted


• Graham Farish N Scale
• Era 8
• Pristine BR RTC (Revised) livery
• Coreless Motor
• Accessory Pack
• NEM Coupling Pockets
• Directional Lighting – independently switchable at each end via switches mounted on the circuit-board, orvia DCC
• SOUND FITTED - See below for function list 
• Length 123mm (over couplings)



F0 - Directional Lights

F1 - Engine Start / Sound (On / Off)

F2 - Brake (Non-Latching)

F3 - Single Horn (Speed and Direction Related)

F4 - Two-Tone Horn (Speed and Direction Related)

F5 - Light Engine

F6 - Engine Idle

F7 - Speed Lock

F8 - Cold Start (F8 On before F1)

F9 - Flange Squeal (Speed Related)

F10 - Despatch Whistle

F11 - Buffering Up

F12 - Coupling Up

F13 - Compressor

F14 - Spirax Valves

F15 - Cooler Group Fan

F16 - Primer 

F17 - Auto Wagon Buffering (F17 On / F5 Off Only)

F18 - On - Driver’s Door Opening / Off - Driver’s Door Closing

F19 - Fade All Sounds

F20 - Directional Lights Off - No.1 (Fan) End

F21 - Directional Lights Off - No.2 (Non-Fan) End

F22 - “Right o’ way”

F23 - “Going under”

F24 - Station Ambience

F25 - Detonators

F26 - Shunt Mode

F27 - Volume Down

F28 - Volume Up

Analogue Users: Please note that exhaust and motion, automatic and randomised sounds will also operate when this model is used on analogue control (DC) straight from the box! 

Ordered On Request