Exciting News for our Loyal Customers

Our aim at KMS Railtech is to reach out to all Model Railway enthusiasts, be it clubs or individuals, by offering as wide and diverse a range of products as we can in order to encourage and support your passion for this fascinating hobby.

We endeavour to facilitate your interest in this passion by providing extremely competitive pricing and easy management of our buying process through our website.

However, we do not rest on our laurels and have become increasingly aware of how many of our customers are now ‘Regulars’, many congratulating us on the ease of using our website and the high standard of our Customer Service, thanking us for our experienced advice.

In return we would like to acknowledge this loyalty, by rewarding our returning customers with a Loyalty Programme, ensuring our prices are even more inviting.

We encourage Model Railway enthusiasts to become members of their local Club, to share ideas, get invaluable help and enjoy the camaraderie of being with like minded people. To this end, we at KMS Railtech are offering extra discounts to “Members of Clubs”.

It works like this:-


  • Club Members will be added to a Club Group
  • Each Member of that club will be awarded the discount earned by the club.
  • It starts off with 1% for being a Club Member
  • The Club earns 0.5% for every £500 spent up to 5%
  • Each member of the club contributes to the Club’s spend, so for example if 10 members each spend £100, then every member of the Club would receive 1% extra discount, a total of 2%.
  • The Club also earns 0.5% by ensuring that all members are subscribed to the newsletter (This ensures you receive notice of all our special offers and exclusives etc)
  • The discount builds up to each member receiving 5%


Of course, we appreciate that some people don’t wish to, or can’t join a club. Whatever your reason, we still appreciate your custom and wish to reward your loyalty too!

  • Individuals (non Club Members) can build the same level of discount
  • For each £250 of valid orders, a 0.5% discount is earned. (This applies to individuals of clubs too, so an individual purchasing more regularly could have more discount than the rest of the club membership).
  • Sales are accumulative, so the more often you purchase, the more discount you accrue, up to 5%
  • By being signed up to our newsletter, you receive  0.5% Discount

We already have competitive prices, but we believe in rewarding loyalty and this is our way of doing that.


Members of Clubs:

Please Simply:

  • Register an account with us if you have not already done so.
  • Send us an email to loyalty@kmsrailtech.co.uk with the following information:Sign up for the newsletter to help all your club members receive an extra 0.5% discount.
    • Your Name
    • The name of the club of which you are a member
    • Contact details for the Secretary or person who deals with the membership of your club (ideally name & email)


  • Register an account on our website,
  • Email us at loyalty@kmsrailtech.co.uk to let us know you wish to be added to our loyalty programme as an individual.
  • Sign up for our newsletter to get your discount started.

Browse through our website to discover our vast range of products, enticing prices, special offers and exclusives.

We are here to help in every capacity so get in touch and subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of any page to keep up to date with all our exciting news and offers.

Please note that some exclusions apply to the discount programme, such as sale items. The discount will be applied at the cart when you enter your discount code and will not show on individual products as you browse. In order for clubs to receive the initial 1% discount, at least 5 club members must be signed up and have made valid purchases. Tiers will be applied after valid orders are dispatched.